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[Haikyuu] Top 10 Best Players in Haikyuu!!

Haikyuu – a sports anime about volleyball that attracts the audience. With a unique storyline and unique character building, Haikyuu almost becomes the best manga/anime series about volleyball. Under the presence of many different characters, Haikyuu almost gathered all kinds of players in volleyball. Let’s take a look at the top 10 Haikyuu best players by personal opinion. […]

[Haikyuu] The Best Meaningful Messages Can Receive From Haikyuu

After finishing this journey, Haikyuu still leaves stories and meaningful messages in the readers’ hearts, going beyond badminton matches. If you don’t watch Haikyuu, it seems nothing special, as it is like many other sports shounen manga, about a group of teenagers pursuing dreams and passion, and with the main character surpassing over the impossible thanks […]

Haikyuu Merch Store – The Best Store of Haikyuu

Hello everyone, who are visiting this store. Surely all of you here are asking yourself questions like: “What is Haikyuu?” “Is Haikyuu that good?” or “How does this store sell merchandise”, etc. And in today’s blog, let’s answer the questions with Haikyuu Merch Store. The way Haikyuu reaches the audience and the influence of this anime. […]

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